Shimmer and Shine Mirror Room Playset

AGE 3 Y and UP

Inspired by the Mirror Room on the Shimmer and Shine television show!
Turn the jewel on top of the playset to spin the mirror and reveal Shimmer, Shine and Princess Samira!
Leah can have a seat on the swivel-out cushion and there's even a spot for her pet fox, Parisa

When Shimmer and Shine are awarded special Genie Gems, they keep them safe inside the Mirror Room—a special room where they can also magically contact Princess Samira or Leah! This beautiful golden Mirror Room playset allows little genies to recreate the same magic at home—simply turn the jewel on top to spin the mirror and see the genies and Princess Samira! There's a swivel-out cushion for Leah to sit on and even a secret hiding spot for her pet fox, Parisa! The set also comes with six colourful jewels, which can be placed on the mirror or hidden inside the playset's secret hiding spots! Leah, wearing a pretty star-printed dress and golden shoes, features a soft ponytail that can be styled with the included genie bottle hairbrush.

Box Contains: 1 x playset; 2 x figures; accessories