Time's Up : Family 2 orange

AGE 8 Y and UP

Essential atmosphere game, Time's Up Family is back for the pleasure of young and old! In this version, you will be able to have fun to discover and to discover, with your family or your friends, objects, trades and animals!
Each game of Time's Up will take place in 3 rounds, after which the team with the most points will be declared victorious:
- HAND 1 - Speak freely: To make his cards guess, the player has the right to say whatever he wants.
- HAND 2 - A Word: To make his cards guess, the player is entitled to only one word.
- HAND 3 - The Mime: To guess his cards, the player must mimic them.
To win, you have to be fast, smart and inspired! But be careful, do not forget to catch your breath between two laughs!

Package Content:
- 220 double-sided cards (440 trades, objects and animals)
- 1 hourglass of 40 seconds
- 1 Book of results
- 1 storage bag
- 1 Rule of the game

Duration: 30 min + - Number of Players: 4-12 - Age: 8+