Laugh & Learn Puppy's piano

AGE 6 M and UP
CATEGORY Preschool

What's the secret to getting baby to love music and learn? A piano toy perfectly adapted to the small hands of your budding Chopin which contains amusing discoveries. Choose between Learning and Music: turn the page of the interactive book attached to the Puppy Piano to change modes.
In learning mode, baby simply touches one of the 5 big keys that light up to be rewarded with phrases and sounds about colors, numbers and shapes. In Music Mode, small composers can play their own melody, hear classics or accompany familiar melodies such as "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!". Baby can even play where he wants thanks to the included carrying handle!

• More than 30 songs to hum, melodies and expressions!
• 2 game modes! In learning mode, the keys reward baby with phrases and songs on the theme of colors, shapes and numbers. In Music Mode, mini-Mozarts will be able to play their own songs!
• Turn the page of the interactive book to change modes
• 5 light buttons
• A transport handle easy to grasp!
• Learn numbers, colors and shapes
• Helps strengthen baby's fine motor skills
• Look what you did! Triggering actions introduces to baby the notion of cause and effect